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Jane Turpin's Day.MP3

Jane Turpin's Piano Practice

The Just William books of Richmal Crompton are well known in the UK and have remained popular over the decades.   Less well known are the very funny Jane Turpin stories of novelist Evadne Price.  Set in a similar time period to the William stories, Evadne Price's tales feature the enterprising young Jane Turpin and family, and her friends Pug Washington and Chaw Smith.  

To a perhaps more marked degree than the William books, Price's Jane books derive their humour from the ulterior motives of the adult protagonists.

Jane is a fiesty character - not for her the Pink Princessdom foisted on little girls by today's commercial system!

Not all aspects of all the Jane stories are compatible with modern sensibilities and sensitivites, but read and appreciated in their historical context, they are very enjoyable and funny.

The story I've recorded here features a piano,  and how Jane wins out over her mother's vain attempt to convert her to being a perfect little girl.

If you are interested to find out more about Evadne Price and her Jane character, there are articles in Wikipedia, and on one or two other web sites.

I have taken an initiative in making this recording, out of the feeling that the books ought not to be forgotten, and deserve an audience.  The early 1940s edition from which I have read this story is still in copyright, but it has not proven possible to find relevant information about the publisher that would allow me to make an approach regarding copyright.

I made this recording in a single continuous live 'take', and you will hear some little errors, but nothing too drastic. The stories are enjoyable to read out loud.


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