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NOTICE:  Due to teaching commitments I am not currently available for piano work.  

Mr Allan Wright will be pleased to help with your piano tuning requirements and can be contacted on  07970 443456. Like me, Allan has a background in tertiary education as well as in piano technology.  

I also recommend Mr Ben Treuhaft, a technician of vast experience in the USA and the UK. Ben is the progenitor of the Send a piana to Havana project and can be contacted on 07438 302957.  Ben has moved down south, but still does some work in Scotland.

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The superb technical book Pianos Inside Out lists this website in its Bibliography.

Here's what could happen if you don't call me (cackle).  First, Bach's prelude No 1 on a nice medium sized grand piano, tuned a few weeks previously (excuse my playing; I am not a pianist):

Now the same piece on a B. Squire upright piano I didn't tune.  It was some EIGHT semitones low. I promise I'm pressing all the right keys here....... 

Don't let this happen to you!

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