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This page has some further technical articles. 

Replacing a worn-out set of hammers can make a huge difference to the sound and the responsiveness of a piano . It is a time-consuming and expensive job however, so the piano has to be of a quality to justify the expense. The procedure for an upright piano is described here.


This newsletter gives an overview of various routine maintenance tasks that may be required for older upright pianos. The piano featured is an American upright and there tend to be small style differences between USA and European uprights, but the basic aspects are the same. More detailed descriptions are given of some of these tasks in other Newsletters here, but this one is useful as general information. 


Here is a description of general maintenance for the small grand piano. 


Very short, or low, pianos became popular in the USA where this style was called the Spinet piano.  They were never as big a fashion in the UK, but there were a few makers who produced 'mini pianos' like this.  Eavestaff made the MiniPiano and the Miniroyal. There was also the Kemble Minx.  This newsletter describes some tasks relating to these pianos, although the UK makes don't have the plastic 'elbows' described here.  These spinet pianos are troublesome if action repairs are needed, because it is difficult and time-consuming to remove the action from the piano in order to access parts.