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Sometimes a client thinking of replacing an old piano asks, “What about Digital Pianos? Would one of them be better?”

Digital pianos are excellent tools, providing a great addition to the range of keyboard instruments.  But they’re not a complete substitute for the traditional acoustic piano, especially for learners.

Digital pianos do offer some very useful possibilities.  You can practice silently with headphones. They are more portable.  And there are features like MIDI and different sounds such as harpsichord.

However, while these features make digital pianos valuable tools for experienced musicians, I’ve found that feedback from parents and pianists suggests that they aren't the best option when the goal is either learning to play the piano, or simply playing solo piano for pleasure.

While the finest of today’s digital pianos are remarkable, it's my observation that their ‘psycho-acoustic’ effect, in terms of both feel and sound, isn't as satisfying as even a fairly basic acoustic piano.  And the best of the digital pianos can cost as much as a traditional acoustic piano.

Undoubtedly though, experienced musicians can find a digital piano a tremendously useful tool.  There are so many different models offering various features, and as with acoustic pianos it's important to try them out properly before committing to a purchase.

There is plenty of helpful information about the merits of different models on the website of UK Pianos in Enfield.

And if you live in the Inverclyde area, AdLib Music in Greenock is handy for you to visit and you will receive courteous and helpful attention with any music or instrument query.

Please note:  I don't repair electronic keyboards. You need an electronic engineer for that.