David Boyce Piano Services

Piano Tuner in Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, the west of Scotland and beyond. 

Tel: 07714959806

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Tuning Fees



The fee for a tuning is £55 within Inverclyde and £60 elsewhere.

Additional charges apply for long distances.

Special rates are available for schools and other institutions with multiple pianos.




A piano that is below Concert Pitch will require a Pitch Raise to get it to stay properly in tune at the correct pitch. This is a double tuning. The strings are initially tuned sharp by a carefully calculated amount, from where they settle back to approximately the right place. They then need to be fine tuned at Concert Pitch.

The price for a Pitch Raise is £80. You will need to allow over two hours for the work.



I am now able to accept payment by Credit or Debit card. However, for card payments I have to charge £1.50, to cover the transaction fee levied by the processing company.

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